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Mystic Mayapott is the ideal nature hide-out for the discerning traveller: those looking to give the outside world a miss, in a tranquil setting close to Nature! A habitation that puts you in touch with Nature to reach the inner YOU, that frees you to rejuvenate yourself in the deepest possible ways, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Mystic Mayapott is also a stroke of architectural genius, exquisitely designed to its unique setting. It is a boutique plantation-villa situated in the Cardamom Hills, a unique eco-region of the Western Ghat mountains. It is near Thekkady, the entry to the Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary in Idukki district; the nearest town is Kattappana.

Unique History

Mystic Mayapott is situated on an old cardamom plantation in the Cardamom Hills eco-region, an ecologically important part of the Western Ghat mountains. The region has a unique culture and history

Natural Hideout

Mystic Mayapott is the ideal setting from which to experience nature. Here, our setting provides numerous opportunities for entertainment


The setting is ideal for numerous nature-based activities from birdwatching to visiting wildlife sanctuaries. This provides loads of family fun, especially with children!



Mayapott is a uniquely designed, boutique property that has been featured several times in leading design publications. The structures are built around a huge rock; a stream passes under and through it. This home is literally built in and around nature; the unique feature of Mayapott is that it is created entirely without in any way disrupting its natural setting. Natural rocks are left as they were in many rooms. En-suite toilets enclose a little bit of green and a patch of sky! It is a house designed for living in and with nature . . . the dividing line between indoors and outdoors blurs and fades! Is it a collection of structures in a garden, or a garden to live in, created and enveloped by its defining structures?

Built entirely out of locally available rock, the structure is also unique in the fact that little cement is used to bond the chiseled rocks together. Each rock was painstakingly templated on to the other and the structure took more than 2 full years to be completed. There are more two dozens of unique flowering plants that belong to the ginger family, like the red ginger, shell ginger and torch ginger.

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