There are no specific seasons for stay at Mayapott. However the following notes will give an idea of what to expect at various seasons;

May – September: Soon after the first monsoon rains. Water flows in the stream through the house. Generally wet weather with dry spells in between. Light treks and plantation tours can be done. However the ‘chekuthanmala’ trek is not recommended. The fire place can be quite cosy at Mayapott for those cool evenings. Periyar season is live towards the later half of the season. Overall a good time to relax and chill out…!

October – March: Soon after the monsoons. The stream flows beneath the house. Medium wet to largely dry weather. This is crop season for cardamom. Plantation alive with activity. All treks can be done. Periyar is live as well. December- February months have moderately chilly nights and pleasant sunny days. Good time for barbecues.

March – April: Summer at Mayapott, streams are dry, days are warm. However the forest canopy and the stone structure of Mayapott keep the house cool and pleasant. Good time to relax indoors. For those seeking adventure outdoors, the best time to do early morning and late evening walks on the plantation tracks, amidst thick greenery with the sun rays slanting through.