SpiceTreeSpiceTree has made its mark of being one of best places for hospitality and comfort in Kerala’s tourism industry. The resort now adds another feather to its crown of glories in hospitality as SpiceTree is now operating the beautiful Mayapott Bungalow, Thekkady.

Located in the pristine area within Kanan Devan and Bison Valley Hills, Munnar, part of the Western Ghat Mountains, SpiceTree Resort offers a tranquil experience of a true `mountain retreat’. Along with the views of the surrounding mountains, peaks, and forest, SpiceTree also gives incredible views of the valley below. Even though SpiceTree is a new entrant in boutique tourism industry of Kerala, within a short time of two years, SpiceTree has become one of the best in the state. Going through the testimonials by most guests at SpiceTree, the comfort and luxury provided at the resort is the best they have experienced in any boutique resort. Many people try and come back during their next holidays too, to get more of the boutique Spicetree experience.


Boutique level of personal care and responsible tourism are the two guiding principles of SpiceTree. It is the attention and care which is given to ensure these factors that becomes the success of Spicetree. Various activities are organized by Spicetree for its guests – treks, plantation walks, spa and rejuvenation facilities, tea-factory visit etc are just some of them. Team Spicetree thinks that it is necessary to give back to nature; a gesture of gratitude extended towards nature for all that is given to us humans. The initiative which was taken up and executed recently of reforesting 2 acres of land near the resort is one such example. The guests also show interest and takes part in such environment and social friendly activities of SpiceTree.


SpiceTree is famous for its incomparable hospitality levels and comfort given to guests. Mayapott is a classic destination for any person who wants a leisurely holiday in a serene atmosphere. When the best characteristics of both these places are combined, it will be great treat for guests who visit. SpiceTree is now in charge of the hospitality and operation of Mayapott, bringing it a new flavour of leisure and comfort. Visit Mayapott and get to know the amazing experience that awaits you through blend of SpiceTree and Mayapott.