Mayapott is near Kattappana, a small town best known for the wide variety of hill-spices traded there. The Mayapott-Images-31settlements and hamlets around Mayapott are primarily comprised of cardamom plantations, with scattered groves of pepper and other spices like clove, nutmeg and cinnamon. The present generation of farmers and spice growers belong to third generation of Malayalis, who migrated here from the erstwhile Travancore kingdom of Kerala state. However, a large part of the population, comprising the major work force in these plantations, is Tamils from the plains of Madurai and Theni, in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu.

The vibrant market of Kattappana is where locals go to buy vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, grocery and spices. An astonishing variety of rare edible-tubers and unusual types of bananas is a speciality of this market.

The way of life here is unique, as it is evolved over decades of pioneering settlement, assimilating the spirit of nature, and the hardships and simple truths of living close to the earth. It is a cohesive society of different religions, people and cultures, respectful of diversity: all people participate with equal fervour, in a Catholic feast-day or a hindu festival in the Temple of Shiva. Life in these hills is celebrated every day, rather than merely lived, by these simple hard-working people.