1. The building of Mayapott Bungalow – a note by architect and owner:

There was this spectacular place at the very end of our property, which was very special to my father, and he’d always wanted to build the plantation house there. So when I came back from America and set up practice, he told me what he wanted. It took a lot of thinking about, because the place had to be just right, but we finally got started in January, 2001. It took us more than 2 years to build, because we couldn’t do it with drawings and measurements. The entire structure is fitted to the terrain and the topography, and not the other way round. It incorporates and includes all of the natural features of the site, the huge rock, the boulders, the stream, everything. The house at Mayapott was completed in April of 2004.


  1. Architecture and Gardens:

MayapoMayapott-Images-24tt is a uniquely designed, boutique property that has been featured several times in leading design publications. The structures are built around a huge rock; a stream passes under and through it. This home is literally built in and around nature; the unique feature of Mayapott is that it is created entirely without in any way disrupting its natural setting. Natural rocks are left as they were in many rooms. En-suite toilets enclose a little bit of green and a patch of sky! It is a house designed for living in and with nature . . . the dividing line between indoors and outdoors blurs and fades! Is it a collection of structures in a garden, or a garden to live in, created and enveloped by its defining structures?

Built entirely out of locally available rock, the structure is also unique in the fact that little cement is used to bond the chiseled rocks together. Each rock was painstakingly templated on to the other and the structure took more than 2 full years to be completed. There are more two dozens of unique flowering plants that belong to the ginger family, like the red ginger, shell ginger and torch ginger.

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